Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend in Review

We had a fun, busy weekend. On Saturday, we visited the local Train Show. Jack enjoyed watching the "trus" or "trucks" as he calls all vehicles. It was pretty incredible. There were several train tracks and some contained elaborate towns and cities with big buildings, little oil drillers and even working railroad crossings. Grandpa and Grandma treated us to a chicken/roast beef dinner at a parish fundraiser today. Afterwards, we had lots of fun back home, letting loose outside, hanging with Meaghan and Garrett.
"Hey buddy! Can you give me a lift?" I think Jack was out of gas at this point.Funny things said by Meaghan:
As we drove to the parish fundraiser, I jokingly told mom that she looked like a
"H-O-A-R" because Meaghan had painted her nails red. Mom never paints her nails so it's totally out of character for her. Meaghan then proceeded to call herself a "day mistress" and mom a "dark mistress." Imagine that. Mom, a woman of the night.
As we played outside, we pretended that Meaghan's bike was broke and that I was the fix-it lady at the repair shop. She explained that her boys, "Gosh and Dang" had messed with it. The second time she explained her story it sounded more like "Josh and "Dane" but I thought the first names were more appropriate.Grandma and Jack looked like twins in their black sweat shirts and blue jeans. By the look on Jack's face, it must be time to go!

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EE said...

I wonder what Meaghan would say about my black toenails...
I love Jack's hat!!