Sunday, March 29, 2009

Busy Week/Weekend

Spring Break has never meant much to me. During my college years, I was often working a part-time job. Once, I had all four wisdom teeth taken out without being put out. That's a "holiday" I'll never forget. Mom thought I could get it all done with our regular dentist, so off we went. Towards the end of my appointment and visualization technique that I was on a Hawaiian beach and had lost twenty pounds, a tip of the guy's instrument broke off in my gums. Ironically, he had to send me to the oral surgeon I wanted to see in the first place. By the time the surgeon could see me, my mouth was too swollen. Gulp. I got a double dose of iron that day. Oh, and some rough pain killers. But I digress.

Anyway, it was Spring Break for all the young and old kiddos around here which meant that our daycare provider was off. Luckily, Aunt EE and my mom were able to watch Jack. Also, Mike and I were able to take a day off. On Wednesday evening, I received a call from Jack's birth mother. She had a day pass from a military training facility. Could we come down?

Jack and I were able to go see her on Thursday and we had a wonderful time. Jack wore the t-shirt his birth mother made him with her military picture. I hope she passes her training and PT test soon. We're anxious for her to get out of there and back to college.On Friday, mom, Jack and I went rummage saling. We had fun, actually finding Jack a little kitchen set. He loves it. It's still in my trunk though. I guess now's the time to tell my husband about another toy for a house with little room left. Surprise! This is a tricky way for me to know when he reads my blog.

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EE said...

We had a blast with Baby Jack!!!
I have a few things that I need to return to you all.
I'll run by your office some time this week:)