Thursday, February 18, 2010

Putting Feelings to Paper

I've been asked by Lutheran Family Children Services to write an article for their May newsletter. In the article, I will do my best to describe how it feels being a mom on Mother's Day and every day. Well, it feels awesome!

Adoption has been the most incredible journey for us, one I never imagined I would be blessed to travel. There are still times when my life seems surreal...when I put Jack to bed at night or look in my rear view mirror and see his awnry face. I remember all those years looking back and seeing nothing but an empty seat. I can recall the terrible longing that pierces a person's heart. That sounds dramatic but how else can you describe such a deep longing?

And I remember my first Mother's Day because I almost forgot it. I had been so busy preparing for Jack's baptism that I didn't realize it was Mother's Day weekend until we were in church and the priest asked all mothers to stand up and be blessed. I got to stand up that year. Another memory that is also embedded on my heart is the first time I could call Jack my son. Incredible.

I am excited and honored to be asked to write an article for the agency. I hope words won't fail me. It will be hard to describe in a few paragraphs what Jack and adoption mean to me when it means everything!

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