Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Reply from a Schmuck

In my past life, I worked at a local station that carried the show, Oprah. When I left a few years ago, I asked my supervisor if he would arrange to get tickets for my mom and me someday. Oh, sure, he said.

Well, lo and behold, Oprah is ending her show. Time is running out. So, today I e-mail my connection to ask about tickets, realizing I'm behind the 8 ball on this one. This is the response I received. My remarks are in parentheses.

Good to hear form you. (Really? It looks like I'm not word smithing for you anymore. I wonder how long it took you to come up with this clever response. Did you ask for help?) I hope all is well. Since Oprah announced she was ending the show, we have had a number of requests for tickets, including many from our advertisers. (Cha-ching!) As you can imagine, we can make only so many successful requests. (Well, then try to make an unsuccessful one. At least try.) It is really necessary at this time that we take care of our advertisers as a priority. (Money talks. Hmmm...I guess busting my butt working for pennies for years makes me a nobody.) As always, Oprah is continuing to make tickets available to fans. The telephone number for tickets is 310-591-9222. (Buzzer...wrong. I tried that number. A woman answered, "Hola? You got wrong number.) This may be the toughest ticket in town. (Which is kind of why I called you schmuck.)

I wanted so badly to send some sort of reply back to this former micro manager. But instead, I'm venting my feelings in this passive aggressive post. It's not smart to burn bridges in this town. Maybe my time will come in the future when I can say, "I'm sorry. I can't help you with that right now. You're on your own you little turd."

Ah, I feel better already. Thanks blogger for letting me vent.

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Amy said...

There is a link on her website that says, "Want to be on the show?" or something like that and then you can sign up to receive an email or a password or something to be notified when they are releasing tickets for shows. I did it a couple months ago but it seemed like WAY. TOO. MUCH. TROUBLE.