Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday fun

I can't believe the winter Olympic games are over. With a 2-year-old running around, I haven't seen very much of the games this year but what I saw was very special. I loved seeing Michael J. Fox tonight. But what was up with the Mountie back-up singers? When they first came on the stage, it looked like an adult film ready to happen.

We spent a fun day at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We visited a family friend who had surgery a few weeks ago. My mom brought her communion while Jack and I walked outside. She had several ceramic animals and a couple of what I call worry stones. After passing by them several times, Jack said, "Don't worry."

I bought the Elefun game. Jack decided to put the butterfly net on his head. Silly boy. He called me, "Silly momma" tonight and I thought, "Look who's talking." Butterfly nets make great hair nets.
Meaghan and Garrett loved playing with the Elefun game today.
Jack was still groggy from his nap and not in the mood.
Cute shot of Jack and Garrett in Grandpa's recliner.
Playing in Grandma's curtain is also fun.
But nothing beats an ice cream cone.
Just like having twins!
A tisket, a tasket. Grandma's basket.
Meaghan made Grandma a pirate eye patch.
Garrett tore off one of Grandpa and Grandma's towel holders.
I asked mom to pose for a "Clue" picture: Miss Scarlet did it with the towel holder in the bathroom. She and I have so much fun together.

Funny Jack story: I made pancakes this morning and Jack was licking off the spoon. (It was the powder kind in the bottle - so no worry about eggs.) Anyway, he said, "Once more," took a lick and said, "Once more, again."

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