Thursday, February 4, 2010

7 Minutes

What you do in seven minutes could change the course of your life.

Our city has a bait car program. Would-be car stealers are tracked by satellite and, if they try to bail, are locked inside the car. They can't get out of the doors or the trunk. A police department investigator who wants to share footage with the local media asked me to blur the faces of two juveniles who attempted to steal the bait car. Just kids. The passenger looked so young and was vividly nervous, not so keen on what the two were doing. The driver had to reassure his friend that he could drive especially after he seemed to run into something small on the road. In seven minutes, you watch these two kids develop a rap sheet. You hear them when, in disbelief, they discover a police car following them. "Oh, that's not a police car," one says. Then, "We're gonna brake," the driver says. "I can run fast."

It was like watching a sad movie when you knew how it would end but you hoped against hope that it wouldn't. I would laugh watching video of older guys, but it was tough watching these two juveniles mess up their lives.

Here's a link to a Surrey, British Columbia site with bait car video. There is also a show called "Bait Car" on True TV.

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