Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Little Chicken!

First, there is an update on Garrett below this entry. Praise God. My nephew is doing well.

Although it wasn't sunny here today, the temp was decent, so we headed to Family Fun Fest tonight.Jack painted a pumpkin with a little pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month. He was very studious about it.One of the things Mike and I are realizing as parents is that there is a lot of standing in lines at these events. First, we stood in line for the face painting until we realized that Jack would probably scream if someone put paint on his face. Tonight's theme was Percussion Phun so we listened to a local elementary group bang on their drums.Jack really liked them.Then we stood in line for the Balloon Guy who was awesome. So what if it was a 30 minute plus wait?!Jack kept us entertained by dancing and running around in circles.What's that little stinker thinking? Up to no good.I told the guy that Jack likes dinosaurs but we were open to just about anything, so Balloon Guy said he was going to do something crazy.Either Jack is in suspense, has to go potty or momma just took a random picture with way too much headroom. So, if you had to "wing" a guess on what Balloon Guy made for Jack, would you wish on a "wish bone" for the right answer?

Okay, enough clues already.Bak. Bak. Jack turned into a little chicken. Our last highlight was sitting in the fire truck, although, as soon as I placed Jack on the seat, he was ready to go.He is now an official Junior Fire Marshall though so we're going to start charging him room and board!! :)

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