Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend in Review

We had an interesting weekend. We saw my parents on Saturday and Sunday. My father had a run-in with a bull on Saturday. My father suffers from some bruises and a torn foot with lots of stitches. We are blessed that he was not killed. The bull? He's in cow heaven.

Garrett came home Saturday. He's doing pretty well for a little guy who had brain surgery. I was surprised at the length of his scar.We attended my home town's fall festival today. Ate lots of great food, played some games with Jack and Meaghan, played a little BINGO and then went home to see pop who has been getting lots of rest and is supposed to stay off his foot. Word spreads quickly in small towns so he's had a couple of visitors already and the towns folk are praying that he feels better soon. Again, we are lucky that he is alive.

The following pictures are those that mom took at Jack's birthday party last week. Mom has an awesome camera and my camera batteries died that day, so I knew I could count on her for some great pictures.I bought several Thomas the Train conductor hats. How come I was the only one who wore it? Party poopers!Thomas the Train toy!Garrett, pre-surgery.

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EE said...

Garrett's going to get chicks with that scar someday;)
So glad the surgery went well.

Happy happy birthday, Baby Jack!!!!