Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthday Fun!

We had a wonderful time at the get-together hosted by Jack's birth mother and her family yesterday. Jack was pretty spoiled with lots of loving. And he found a couple of good ball players who loved socking the ball back to him.He loved the puppy which his Uncle D finally held so I could get a decent picture of it. The puppy wanted to play with tennis balls as much as Jack did. The puppy looks tortured but he was fine, full of energy and bounce.I also took a great shot of Uncle P, a sad victim from a ball attack. Uncle P will love me for posting this picture. :)I have a cute picture of Jack's birthmom and me with Jack but told her I would not post it because she was recently in a four wheeler accident and got a little banged up from that. Here'a darker picture of Jack and his birthmom where you can't see her boo boos. I don't think she'd mind me posting this. They shared a special moment as Jack blew out his candles.Jack's great-grandma made lots of yummy food including chicken, potatoes, homeade applesauce, chili, pumpkin pie and a birthday cake for Jack. Yum, but I think I need to add some spandex to my pants.Aunt J was a lot of fun!Did anyone say football?My first trampoline experience! I only lasted a few seconds but who's counting!?We hope to attend their parish's St. Nick festival next month. Carriage rides, crafts and...rumor has it that the jolly old elf will show up himself. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Jack is napping now. I told him to take a good nap so he can see cousin Meaghan later. He doesn't know the presents and sugar fest that await him!

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EE said...

Happy Birthday, Baby Jack!! We have a present waiting you. Hopefully, we can get together very soon!!!