Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Generous Boy

A child is a wonderful blend of nature and nurture. With Jack, I often wonder, did he get that from his birth mom, his birth father? I generally don't take credit for his behavior except when he's acting goofy and then I think, that's my boy.

Jack has a tender heart. And he's often very generous, often looking out for me. (What a lucky momma!) When he does this, I credit his birth mom because I've seen the loving way she looks after her family and their needs. I have two examples of Jack's generosity today.

First, when Mike kissed Jack goodbye this morning, he turned my face towards Mike and said, "Momma's turn."

Second...Mike bought Dippin' Dots ice cream at the university volleyball game tonight. Although Mike always shares with me, I often don't take as much as the boys because I want Jack to enjoy it. Well, when Mike offered Jack ice cream, my little man said, "Momma's turn."

My heart sighed in happiness. I love that little munchkin!

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