Saturday, October 10, 2009

Out of the Mouth of a Babe

We had another exciting adventure with Jack in church tonight. Actually, he did pretty well. There was, however, the real loud "Hi Jesus" before mass started. A couple of weeks ago, he said, "Hi daddy," when the priest and deacon proceeded down the aisle at the end. I guess he juxtaposed "Father" and "Daddy"? Tonight was the first night he walked to communion like a big boy. Normally, Mike or I carry him. But he's been fiesty today and trying to insert his independence. Other than that "Hi Jesus" peep and some minor things he muttered during church, Jack said "Baby cry" when a child cried. You could feel the empathy in his voice like he hoped the baby was okay.

Jack is so friendly. He often says "Hi" to people in church, sometimes adding "friend" to that. With a flash of his sweet smile and his little greeting, he can warm hearts in an instant.

Car drama: my car died after church tonight. We had jumper cables so we got the car started and I bought a battery from Sears. While we waited, Jack and I had so much fun checking out the tractors (lawnmowers), counting the push lawnmowers and running around. He is so much fun. I love that little guy.

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