Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Weekend Recap

At times this four day weekend felt like it was going too fast and sometimes it felt like it was never going to end. I spent most of my time back home driving my family nuts. Although I brought my camera, I don't feel like I took enough pictures. I'm missing half of my family with these pictures but here's a look back at our crazy times.

Just who are you calling a turkey? Jack takes off on his tricycle in a cute outfit from his birth mother and her grandma.
Dancing and marching at the same time in his classy leisure suit.Somebody's looking good in blue with both eyes open!There was a lot of Wii playing.The Princess and the Pea...what I realized I'd been sleeping on after the first night back home.It's the heating pad monster - my poor brother Steven with a head cold.Come on pop. Let's get a better picture of you with Garrett. Work with me here.Well, at least Garrett smiled.Hmm...just what are those two up to?One hour and plenty of belches later...Some scrooge threw out our turkey wish bone so mom and I made do with a mutated gummy worm.It was a close call - a tie actually.Look at how excited mom looks at the thought of eating the gummy worm.At least Meaghan enjoyed it.Although Jack went through some tough teething days, he ate at least twice his weight in food. Amen!

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EE said...

That's the cutest little turkey I've ever seen:)
Was Mike participating in No-shave November???