Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Meaghan!

I'm a bit late posting here but we celebrated our niece's 5th birthday last weekend. Jack had an especially great time. He adores his big cousin Meaghan and cake. My SIL created the giant cupcake herself. Doesn't it look cool?The little ones including Jack were fascinated by the incredible expanding and shrinking thingamajig so nicely demonstrated by my brother, Doug, who, for some reason, looks like he has no teeth in this picture.We also had the opportunity to see my nephew, Christopher, who stayed glued to his games. Hopefully, Jack's love of reading and playing will keep him active as he gets older. We'll have to be careful with his computer/game playing exposure.Couldn't help but end with this photo, captioned: The Life of the Party, featuring my brother Billy and Mike. What a couple of wild, crazy guys!


Jen said...

Hey, I've been keeping up here and wanted to say how sorry I am for your recent loss. :(

Still hoping for a playdate soon! You take care. Jack is growing into such a cute little boy!!!

Amy said...

That cake is awesome!

EE said...

Love the cake!!