Sunday, November 22, 2009

Making New Friends

We got together with some "old" friends and met some new friends Saturday night. The weather was beautiful. Jack played basketball.He's ready for the NBA now.

Jack also pet a catepillar which was fun until he decided the little bug needed to learn how to bungee jump.We set the little critter free.Mike was asked to help judge the chili contest, quite an honor. Unfortunately, Jack thought Mike was eating ice cream so he had a little meltdown. Poor guy. He loves his ice cream.By the way, I made pasta salad for the evening, my first ever pasta salad. The pasta salad is called "California salad," a recipe my grandmother brought home from the state when she visited her sisters. It's pretty simple but I was still a little nervous. Well, I actually got compliments on the salad, a couple said it was the best they've tasted. Whoo-hoo! I was on cloud nine.

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