Monday, November 30, 2009


Four days off for Thanksgiving...what a blessing it was to spend extra time with family and friends. These are some pics from our weekend.
Sneaked in a family picture.The annual pulling of the turkey wish bone. Mom won. Maybe next year will be my year. Hey, wasn't this year supposed to be my year?We decorated the exterior of mom and dad's house. The weather was beautiful. Meaghan and I were on ground patrol. Only the boys got on the roof. Dad was trying to be all guyish and wouldn't "let" me up there.I sneaked up there anyway when Dad went to the shed. Smile Doug!Voila! The finished product. This picture doesn't do the lights justice.On Saturday, we attended the annual Thanksgiving/Christmas get-together hosted by my mom's side of the family. BINGO was the game of choice. I didn't take too many pictures that evening. The BINGO playing got way too serious! There were white elephant gifts to win. I ended up playing 8 cards towards the end.My brother Steve did the calling with assistance from my nephew. Steven was such a sport! Even among family, you can't please BINGO players. We all heckled him a little for not calling the "right" numbers.My white elephant booty included toy cars, a coloring book, 24 pack of crayons, three bars of soap, four bubble bottles, tooth brushes and a Christmas ornament. What a haul!

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