Monday, November 30, 2009

The Alternative Holiday Toy Guide

Wondering what you'll buy your little one this holiday? Don't waste your time on expensive electronic gidgets and gadgets. Save a dime and get your child what he really wants.Like this bowl and cup. Your child will enjoy hours of pouring nuts back and forth between these two containers. Enjoy the cool whip then sit back as your child goes ga-ga for this instant classic.Call now and we'll throw in these amazing pratical but fun boots. They take the chill out of any winter day - even inside!Call in the next fifteen minutes and we'll throw in a toilet paper roll, a plastic chair that your child will love dragging from room to room, odds and end pieces from a board game and a strainer that doubles as a basketball hoop.

And folks, for a limited time, we'll even throw in our exclusive fly swatter. Great for hitting bugs, sweeping the floors and sword fighting.Hurry, this offer ends soon. Void where prohibited. Restrictions may apply.

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