Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jack update

Jack is doing great. He's starting to realize that mommy is snuggly so I'm getting a lot more hugs from my love bunny these days. After several days of teething pain, Jack is sleeping again through the night. Wow, what a difference uninterrupted sleep makes.

Jack has two bottom teeth and is eating up a storm. He eats like a very hungry birdy. He gulps his food then opens his mouth again, very impatient for the next load. You have to hurry when you feed him. Slow down and those crocodile tears start to flow.

We are so blessed to have Jack in our lives. He was baptized a few weeks ago and his birth mom and her family came to mass. It was wonderful having them there. I thanked her for letting me celebrate my first mother's day.

By the way, Jack picked out a great gift for mother's day. I received two Masterpiece Theatre Jane Austen movies. I'm a huge Jane Austen fan so anything with a J.A. theme is right up my alley.

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