Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Mascot Experience

I spent my lunch hour getting hot and bothered in an Easter Bunny suit. Okay, so I received a lot more positive responses than negative so I wasn't really bothered but I sure was hot. Sweat running in my eyes, burning - and that was probably only 20 minutes into the experience.
I've performed as a mascot before - as the NBC peacock at a local affiliate and a baby tiger at a local hospital. I even performed with Red Bird when he came to town for a now defunct minor baseball team's game. It's really kind of fun to slip into a mascot costume and do things you normally wouldn't do like shake your groove thing in front of the city building.
Most people loved me. It didn't hurt that I was handing out candy as I walked. One person said, "You've made me so happy." I saw a couple of people I knew so I gave them hugs and I even let this next guy "punch" me.

I was punched in the gut one time when I played the peacock at a station event. A small kid punched me while one of their parents stood by and did NOTHING! Excuse me?

Being around the children is one of the best parts about the "job." Thankfully, this little girl was sleeping because sometimes the wee ones cry and you just wave and walk away hoping not to upset them more.
These crazy girls were on a caffeine or sugar high. My co-worker thought they were high. They were stopped at a red light and wanted a picture. I ran over, gave them some candy and then they took a picture. The blonde was way too excited.
Who can ask for anything more? Really. (Had to hold the helmet so it didn't fall off!)

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