Monday, December 14, 2009

Romantic Parenthood Myth Busted

Mike and I always like to joke about those commercials that show the romantic side of parenthood. The Johnson and Johnson or diaper commericals that show well behaved sleeping angels. I'm here to bust the myth.

Poor Jack. Must have had a bad dream last night. He was up around 1 crying, "Momma, momma." I brought him to our bed thinking he would settle down and fall back asleep. But, no. He was too busy examining his fingers and flipping from side to side. So, after 30 minutes plus, I placed him back in his crib. "Momma, momma," he cried, after 10 plus minutes when I tried to leave the room. I'm not sure how long I stayed in there rubbing his back and playing his Baby Tad music, but I was eventually able to make my escape and go back to bed. He still stirred but at that point was probably beyond the point of exhaustion.

He will probably never make it into one of those romantic baby commercials, but I sure love my little non-sleeping angel.

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