Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Five Letter Word

Parents cringe when their kids utter the three letter word or perhaps the dreaded four letter word. Well, folks. The five letter word can be just as bad.

I'm talking about "P-A-N-D-A." That's right. It's non abbreviated version is known as "Kung Fu Panda." It is Jack's favorite movie right now. The mere mention of the five letter word may send shivers down my spine. But I know my boy loves that movie and I've grown fond of it as well. Although, I would prefer to mix it up a bit with, say "Shrek" or...anything else.

His fascination for "Panda" reminds me of the summer I kidsat for a girl who wanted to watch "The Wizard of Oz" every day. It got old.

We usually watch "Panda" when Jack requests it. It's highly entertaining. Plus, suggestions of other movies are often answered back with the five letter word. Oh, and maybe the word, "please."

We watched "Kung Fu Panda" since I was home sick with Jack today. I think I have seen all of that movie now, although not all at one time. The runner-up movie? Monsters vs. Aliens.


Amy said...

I love Kung Fu Panda...although I don't have to watch every day.

EE said...

He loves it so much because of all of the time spent at Hockman's ATA as a babe.
Baby Jack needs a black belt!