Sunday, December 27, 2009

Extra, extra holiday pictures

As seen from my camera.

Mom and Meaghan watch the procession as the choir sings, "Silent Night."

Jack, before or after the meltdowns?

Isn't he precious!

Hey, isn't my brother Steven too old for these?

Oh, it's a beautiful afghan from my sister-in-law.

Mike was my brother Doug's secret Santa. Along with a couple of other things, Mike bought him these Toy Story army legos.

Who said real men don't wear bows?

Enjoying a moment with Garrett.

Our dog Molly asks, "Where's my gift?"

The 2009 edition of the classic box gift. OSFM.

Jack loves his new dinosaur from Uncle Billy and Aunt Mary.

We actually had a white Christmas! It flurried for three days. And, yes, I realize Jack's gloves are pink. They were available and he's too young to have an identity crisis. He looks so cute in those boots.

Apparently, even table cloth has a back-up. I bet mom really loves me after this post.

Santa left some gifts at home for Jack, including a truck and fake food.

Does this green thing look like a french fry to you? Maybe a moldy one?

I'm looking forward to another short week and more family time this week. We see Jack's birth mom and her family on New Years Day! Their Christmas/News Years Day party is always a blast. Just need to find one more white elephant gift.

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