Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Prayer Request

I've been debating whether or not to post this but I think our family can use the prayers you might offer on our behalf. One of my nephews has been in a St. Louis hospital since yesterday. He was unresponsive with raspy breathing on Tuesday morning so he was rushed to a Jefferson City Hospital and later flown to St. Louis. Although an MRI showed a spot on the left side of his brain, the physicians aren't sure if it's a tumor or an infection. He's doing much better. He was already alert last night. The physicians will meet tomorrow and come up with a game plan on the next steps to take with his medical care.

We plan to visit him tomorrow. Jack will probably not go as the physicians may limit contact to adults only.

My brother says if his son's medical case was included in one of those hour dramas, they would only be ten minutes into the program. It's frustrating for them and us because without a diagosis there is no defined solution.

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EE said...

We've been praying for Baby G. & his family...