Sunday, August 24, 2008

German Tradition

Aunt Donna prepares the feast.

Jack and I participated in a German tradition this weekend. My aunt hosted a potato pancake feast, not hash browns, actual potato pancakes. We had a great time. Jack lasted an hour and then started to melt down. He didn't try any potato pancakes but they were good. We'll save that for next year. He did enjoy the rice pudding. Other yummies included lima beans and a Tastefully Simple mexican dip. Kudos to my aunt who prepared the meal and didn't mind all of us invading her home.

Jack enjoys the rice pudding.

Grandpa and Jack.

SIL samples the fabulous potato pancakes.

My brother, Doug, with Jack and his son, Garrett.

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EE said...

What??? Jack turned down food????
Ok, those boys look like twins!