Friday, August 8, 2008

Medical Update

We went to see my nephew yesterday. The sight of an IV in his arm brought me to tears. He was groggy and the areas under his eyes appeared a little dark and hollow. However, I was grateful to see that he still looked roly poly. As the spinal test and blood work results come back, the doctors seem to be dismissing the virus theory and are leaning towards a tumor.

We hope that my brother, his wife and their son can return home this weekend. My nephew will continue to take anti-seizure medicine and will be monitored by MRIs every few months. If the tumor's size says the same, it is likely that it will not be removed until he turns two.

Doctors say a baby's brain is like jello and that this tumor could have existed when he was still in the womb. There is hope his brain will develop normally and that the tumor may not affect anything or at least impact very little in development and cranial capacity.

The Children's Hospital in St. Louis is very nice. Although, like most people, I'm not a big fan of hospitals, effort has been taken to make this hospital look as kid friendly as possible.

Thank you for your prayers.

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Amy said...

Your nephew and your family are all in my prayers. Love you.