Monday, April 21, 2008

Jack's new "word"

Jack actually spoke his first word last Christmas. He said, "Hi," at only two months old. Of course, some people think I'm crazy, but my mother was a witness and knows I'm not making this up. I thought maybe it was an odd take on the midnight at Christmas Eve fable. You know, when the animals talk.

Now, Jack is into faking coughs, "Eh, eh, eh." Mike and I think this is a new sound he's discovered. We're pretty sure he's expanding his vocabularly, not his immunity.


Perfumes said...

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EE said...

LOL! He's definitely a character!!!
And, I can attest to the fact that he says "hi"!

Jenn said...

He is adorable!! I checked out EE's blog and saw some amazing pictures! Beautiful eyes! I am so elated for all three of you. You are truly blessed!