Sunday, April 20, 2008

Are we still going to China?

We've been asked this a few times in the past week and our best answer is if we can afford to. There is a lot of love in our hearts for children and we still feel that Maggie Rose is in China. Unless there is divine intervention, I don’t think my cob web, catacomb uterus will start to function like it’s supposed to. Despite my naturally shaped birthing hips (that I’ve had since grade school), I’m not sure a baby will ever pass through them. But, take heart those who are more fertile than me. I wanted to pass along some wise words of advice I’ve received over the years.

Don’t try so hard. (And how do you make babies again?)

Give it a year (or two, or three. . .six).

You need to go to (blank) and get away from it all. It worked for us. (Quote came from a parent who had two children, both conceived at the same place.)

You need to get rid of your cats. That’s why you can’t get pregnant. (This stupid remark from a few years ago actually came from a less than tactful uncle at a parish event with parishioners and strangers milling around. I was shocked and didn’t know what to say. Apparently, I didn’t know that cats carried a curse.)

And one that I’ve only heard a little but I’m sure will start to pick up momentum...
You’ll probably get pregnant now. (Now that Jack is in our lives.)


EE said...

Insert foot in mouth...I'm guilty on the first and last. I'll try to think before speaking from now on... but as you know, I was not blessed with a filter. Hope I haven't done or said anything ELSE to offend you know that I would never intentionally do that:)

EE said...

Hey! Forgot to tell you on the phone tonight...Will you and Mike PLEASE go somewhere soon so that we can babysit:)
Also, probably taking Reilly in for X-rays tomorrow...ugh!!!