Wednesday, July 20, 2011

90 Miles in 90 Days

A few months ago, the city put a small gym in the building where I work. The equipment is leftover from the city's recreation facility so the machines are loud and some features don't work, but for me, they're just perfect. I can jog on an old treadmill during my lunch hour (for free) and tone some of my flabby areas.

A few months ago, the city began its 90 Miles in 90 Days program for employees. Employees were encouraged to complete 90 miles of walking, running, biking, etc. in 90 days. Those who completed this challenge were entered into a drawing. Well, I finished my 90 miles a few weeks ago. And I found out today that I won a bike!! I am so excited. Actually, a city employee called me to congratulate me and ending up informing me of my win because I had been in an edit suite and hadn't seen my notification e-mail. I meet my bike for the first time on Friday. Wee!

Now, I haven't rode a bike in ages. Not even sure my butt will stay on the seat. Don't even want to think what the back "bumper" will look like.

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