Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend in Review

We've had a nice but too short weekend. Yesterday, we attended a Domestic/International Adoption picnic. It was nice to see friends and meet new ones at this unique event that brought people together who have adopted from the United States, Guatemala, Thailand, Taiwan, Ethiopia, China and Korea. I feel blessed to be a part of this group of friends. Adoption has enriched our lives in many ways.

We spent today at my parents' house. It was a quiet day since the weather was so miserable outside. It looks like the weather will be better by the middle/end of this week. Fingers crossed!
Grandpa played a game with Liam called "Place Pink Donut on Baby Liam's Head and Then It Falls Off.". He loved it! When Grandpa recovered the donut he'd hand it to Liam. Then Liam would drop it on the floor and get excited when Grandpa put it back on his head.
Silly squirrel! (BTW: Liam borrowed a shirt from the future Miss Maggie today. Notice the frilly sleeves.)
Grandpa showed Jack how to put together a couple of chains.
"Patty cake. Patty cake. Baker's man. Roll it up. Roll it up. And throw it in the pan!"

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