Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

We spent a relaxing day with my folks today. With Grandpa standing nearby, Jack was finally able to feed the baby calf.
We took a walk to the creek which made me a little nostalgic and reminded me of fun childhood days. After a rain, while the creek was still running, we would go swimming bringing along a tractor inner tube. We (all four kids) would get on the tube then slowly work our way to the same area then flip! Today, the creek was running and even smelled (not bad) like it did when I was a child. We saw little minnows but they wouldn't nibble Meaghan's or Jack's feet. I'm doing my best to convince mom and dad to buy a swimming pool so we can all have some fun and keep Meaghan from swimming in the creek this summer.
The kids had a blast soaking their feet.
Good thing Grandma had three umbrellas at the house because the kids all decided they needed one today.
My nephew Garrett (below) is headed to Children's Hospital for brain surgery this month. More than a year ago, doctors removed growth near his left ear but they missed some of it. During a recent visit, an MRI detected the area had grown bigger. Please say a prayer for my nephew and all children who have to undergo scary stuff at such a young age. 
We hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

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