Monday, April 4, 2011

Overheard Conversation

On Saturday night before church began, I couldn't help but overhear two older ladies several rows behind me. They must have been a bit hard of hearing. In-between praying and wondering whether I should listen or block their voices out, I picked up a few words and realized that they were talking about adoption.

"(something, something about child preferences)....between light, light, light, but not dark, dark, dark. (something, something). They got lucky."

From what I gleamed from the conversation, the adoptive parents got lucky because they were able to adopt a child with light colored skin. Is a child with a darker complexion less worthy of a parent's love? Does our color have to define who we are when we all start out as a baby who needs unconditional love from his parents? My God, I wanted to scream, we're talking about a baby here, not a car or some other object incapable of love and feeling. And you're in church! Do you think God gives you extra credit for being a pasty old white lady?

I realize that if/when we adopt our daughter from China, she will not look like Mike, me, Jack or Liam. She will definitely stand out a bit. God help the person who says something racist about my daughter. I'm sure I will give them a piece of my mind. And I can guarantee you that if someone says something stupid about my daughter or any of my children in regards to their race, I will not feel the slightest tinge of sadness in removing those people from my life. I'm a momma bear and I won't tolerate it. Grrr...

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Amy said...

That is so ridiculous! It always gets me when the "church" people are the ones who are actually doing the descriminating. Makes me sad to hear this.