Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Latest on China

I don't write much about China anymore. After four years, it is hard to get one's hopes up about a process that once took a year or less to complete. This past July marked four years since we have been logged into China's adoption program. This week, I sent in a request to be fingerprinted for the fourth time. (Fingerprints expire every 12 months.) However, we think this will be the last time. Rumor Queen's predictions indicate that we should have a referral next year and it may fall in the spring. Our LID is 7/6/06. We are in the first column! So, fingers crossed, China doesn't slow down its program to a new snail gait and we will travel in late spring, early summer to bring Maggie Rose home.


Amy said...

I think about you and this journey often. I can't believe I was there when it was also taking shape and you were beginning this process. I will pray for Spring! ;)

Jennifer Grant said...

Wishing a speedy homecoming for your China-born daughter. (My best friend is in the same column of the chart, I think. It's been so hard to wait.) I'm an adoptive mom too - love reading your blog.
All best,