Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had a blast on Halloween night. We were fortunate to spend the evening with EE and the fam. EE was the resident photographer so all I had to do was drag Jack and EE all over the neighborhood. "Just one more culdesac," was my Pee Wee Herman phrase of the evening. I admit it . I was into the whole thing a little more than Jack. And poor EE. She may never invite us to their neighborhood for Tricks and Treats again.
I can't help it. It's the little kid inside of me trying to crawl back out. We went trick-or-treating when I was little but if the weather was bad (raining) mom frowned on going out. I guess I'm reliving the fun through my boy.
EE invited us to her neighborhood a couple of years ago. At the time, we learned that there is a guy who jumps out at kids. Well, we pretty much knew which house it was and I was ready to avoid it but I saw a bunch of other kids going to the door and hoped we would get looped in with them and not get the full attack if the guy was up to his old tricks. Since we were the last to approach the door, I said, "Scared boy. May pee in his pants," thinking that would persuade the monster to pass on us. Not so. Just when I thought it was safe, the guy started coming after Jack. My poor boy was in tears. I will never go back to that house again.
A very big thanks to EE and family. We love hanging out with them. We had a blast trick-or-treating and then eating their yummy goodies including a delicious Mexican soup. It was perfect after being out in the chilly night. As Jack would say, "Argh!"

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