Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Long Road to China

Mike, Jack and I met our China adoption support group at a local Chinese restaurant today. One couple in our group has been back for a while with their daughter and another couple hopes to travel in February. It's very exciting to think that there will be more little ones at future get-togethers. I'll be happy when everyone has their referrals and we all feel a little more at peace with our dreams for our families. Mike took a photo of our group but unfortunately it turned out yellow, very 70-ish.

Jack was in a real rambunctious mood at the restaurant. Mike said he caught one diner, separate from our group, give us a look. Sorry, but Jack got real hyper, crawling for some reason. Maybe he was trying to show off for his new friend. I'm not sure how impressed she was as this little guy regressed into the crawling stage.

And the fan club continues to grow. There were a couple of older ladies who stopped by on their way to check out and they flirted with him a bit which he just loved. They were so cute and very nice. Of course, this was early in the meal and he wasn't acting so crazy. Maybe that extra attention made him hyper. Those crazy cougars.

Note: the date is wrong again on these pictures. Jack's attention to something changes so quickly. If I set the date before I take the pictures, he's usually on to something else. I love his smiles on these pictures. And I took him to the barber today so he's looking mighty fine in his new do.

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EE said...

My camera date immediately goes back to 2006, too. Who is that woman with you? She looks sooo familiar.
PS Be kind to cougars;)