Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

It's sad that the "most wonderful time of the year" only comes once a year. We had fun spending time with family back home. We actually made it to my hometown church's Christmas Eve mass. Miraculously, Jack behaved very well that evening. Here's a look back at our festive week. (Please note that the dates on some of the pictures are wrong.)
The reason for the season.Catholic school girls carry baby Jesus. It's an honor to be one of the four who carry Jesus in the traditional procession. I was fortunate to be one of those girls when I was in first grade.Until the boys are older, they go without candles during the procession. These outfits have been worn since I was a kid and probably much longer than that.Christmas 2007Christmas 2008 with MeaghanWe had lots of fun at Jack's birth mother's family get-together. (Yes, I realize my face looks like it's receding into my neck.)A good sport at the same shin-dig sporting the gift he won in the white elephant exchange.
Jack, be nimble.Jack, be quick.Jack, holding a pink stick.Mike is too sexy for something that looks like a hair net.With beads below her nose and Molly in her hands, my niece, Meaghan, looked content.Fish hooked!My dad, the alien, showing off one of his Christmas gifts.Hannah Montana, watch out!Of course, there was a lot of Wii playing. Note: do only guys like to play with Wiis?Mike, with one of his favorite childhood movies.Just a picture of Jack because he's so gosh darn cute.My nephew, Garrett, quite the poser.

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EE said...

I almost didn't recognize you, Adoption Mama. When did the name change?
I think you should take a picture every year in front of the nativity... a great tradition.
We are missing you guys. Let me know when you all have some free time.
Mike looks GREAT in the hair net. Has he ever considered a job in food service????