Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend In Review

My niece received her First Communion this weekend. I was so excited for Meaghan. I remember how anxious I was to receive this beautiful sacrament. Before my big day, I would ask mom to bring me communion back as I sat in the pew. I was always sad that she never did.
I love my old church. The parishioners gave it an extreme makeover last year. Even though I've attended mass several times since, I'm always a little surprised and in awe when I step through those doors.
Meaghan's big class of six.
Two beautiful girls. Miss Maggie wore her adorable Hello Kitty outfit.
On Saturday, I took the two oldest to the park. We had a great time until Liam fell down and hurt his nose.
Liam did everything Jack did, enjoying the playground equipment for kids ages 5 to 12.
Apparently, the green dinosoar needed some lovin'.
Adorable when he's happy and serious.
And this little guy is over 1.5 months old. That's so hard to believe. Where did my 9.5 months of pregnancy and his first month go? Time is flying by way too fast.

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Amy said...

Love that Hello Kitty outfit! :)