Wednesday, June 22, 2011

China Update

Our agency posted its regular Wednesday update today....


Organizing Paperwork

The CCCWA is beginning to organize paperwork to begin the matching process. We do not know the log in dates for the next group of matches at this time.

We will update this website when more information becomes available.

Will we be in this next group of matches?

Right now, our dossier (a packet including information about our health, criminal background, finances, etc) could be sitting on a person's desk at the CCCWA (the government entity responsible for international adoptions in China). On another pile are files of children who are available for international adoption. The people in the matching room look through these piles organized by agencies and check for the prospective adoptive parents' (PAPs) ages (to determine what age child they are qualified to adopt), their personalities and other factors to help them determine which child should be matched with which PAPs.

When I begin to think that we may be matched with our Maggie Rose in the next few days my heart begins to flutter. I begin to feel like I did when our profile was presented to a birth parent in the domestic adoption program. Would we be picked? Were we the right parents for their child?

And then the call. When we were chosen by Liam's birth mother, my legs shook. I had trouble walking. I wanted to scream to express all the joy and excitement I felt within.

Five plus years ago, I was ready. Ready for the moment when we would receive our match. In a year, we would have our daugher's referral. A year turned into years. I had to beat down the excitement. It's hard to live and sustain that level of anticipation for five years. Now? I am nervous and fidgety. It is hard to concentrate at work. I keep checking our agency's web site and a rumor site for updates.

In the next week or two, we may finally get the call and see our daughter's face for the first time.

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Amy said...

I have goosebumps reading excited for you!