Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend in Review

Wow, it's Tuesday already and I didn't do my weekend review. I'll start off with a funny thing that happened at church on Saturday night. I served as a communion minister. As I walked back to the pew, Jack ran half-way down the aisle towards me. Red faced, I ushered him into the pew where he said, "I missed you mommy." Awe...

On Sunday we visited family. Josh is on a break from serving overseas so we celebrated him being home. It was also a party to celebrate Jay's homecoming win. Here was the small shrine for the occasion.
Jay works with young children at her school. They made cards to celebrate her royalty. The funniest card was a drawing of Jay shooting a deer. Four shots.
Jack loved playing basketball with cousin Chris and Uncle Dawson.
It was also fun being chased by Aunt Jay.
On Monday night, we went to Jay's basketball game, one of the last ones of the season. She's a senior. We'll miss seeing her play. Hopefully, we can make it to some of Uncle Parker's and Uncle Dawson's games. Jack quickly made a new friend. They were pretty cute together.
Go Hornets! By that time, Jack was hyper and full of sugar.
But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart. Luke 2:19.

I had one of these moments at the game. No, I'm no Mother Mary, but as I sat there surrounded by Jack's birth family - Great Grandpa, Great Grandma, Nana, his birth mother, her husband, their son, Aunt and Uncle - I thanked God for the joy of adoption. I thanked God for his plan to put families together in this unique way. We were all there as family brought together by a small boy. And I felt so blessed.  
And this is just a cute picture I took tonight. Can we say adorable!

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