Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Here a Schmuck, There a Schmuck

I was at the local airport last Wednesday and Thursday on work shoots. The Wednesday shoot involved some chamber of commerce people. One person happened to be an old boss of mine. He was having a good time at the shin-dig and even brought his bottle of beer into the shoot. Well, two days ago, I get this weird call from the supervisor at the old work place. Actually, he called the switch board and they forwarded his call to me.

Old supervisor said he was updating his old contacts. Really? I thought. That's weird, but whatever. At first, I thought maybe he had a job in mind for me. Then, I stopped flattering myself and began to think about how strongly he remains connected to the old boss. The old boss says, "Jump!" and he jumps. You get the picture.

An hour later, the old boss calls and after some nicety wants to discuss his performance during the shoot, strongly suggesting that I not use the section where we could see the beer bottle. Sadly, as a professional, I wasn't going to use that shot anyway. 1, because of the beer bottle and 2, his answer was way more than we needed.

So, situation review: one schmuck calls me so he can give his boss, Schmuck #2, my phone number. Didn't they think this would be blatantly obvious? Puh-lease. Give me some credit. And why is my old supervisor, Schmuck #1, still kissing Schmuck #2's behind?

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