Sunday, August 1, 2010

What a weekend!

Saturday was a beautiful day!

Loaded with fruit snacks and toys, we headed to Jack's birthmother's wedding, hoping for the best.
Check out my dapper dude. He's so handsome!
Hanging out with Uncle Dawson.
Jack did amazing, thanks to Mike who provided the fruit snacks and gave him a pep talk, and also Aunt Jay who handed him a fruit snack just as they headed up the aisle.
Watching his birthmom walk up the aisle.
She was so beautiful.
Introducing the Mr. & Mrs.
Jack received a lot of attention at the wedding. I guess you could say he's well loved. :) Everybody wanted to play with him.
Jack even smiled for some of the pictures!
The reward for his good behavior: vehicles from the movie Cars.
Posing with Aunt Jay and his birthmother, Sam.
The reception was wonderful, good friends, family and food!
It was so nice of Sam to invite my parents too. They caught up with old friends and were able to see Jack's big ring bearer debut.
Sam and her boy. (I think someone sucker punched the young man behind her.)
Jack made some new friends at the wedding, including Ben and Mary.
He danced a couple of times with girls.
But for the most part, Jack wanted to go freestyle. Sweet moves.
A couple of wild and crazy guys.
Jack and I joined the others on the bench so there would be four generations of the family doing the chicken dance. I did the best that I could while holding Jack. :) Maybe I was taking a breath here. Not very flattering. :(
We had such a wonderful time at the wedding. We met some members of the family for the first time. Several people told us how happy they were for us and how glad they were that we have a good relationship with Sam and her family. As I often say, adoption is a leap of faith. We have been so blessed in our relationship with Jack's birth family. They're kind, loving people. 

Today, we went to church and took it easy at my parents' house. Look at that little kisser. Smooch!
Mike had fun wrestling with our nephew Garrett.
I shot some video for my story and enjoyed the rest of the day with family. I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

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