Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend in Review

We had a nice weekend. The sun was out. Such a teaser. I can't wait for Spring. I wouldn't mind one more snow fall, but after that I want some warm sunshine.

Jack started playing with his Legos last week. He likes building towers and then knocking them over with his head. Must be a boy thing.
He wore the sock for an extra challenge.
One of his finished products.
Irrisistable little feet.
Chocolate lover!
Drawing a ghost.
Jack declared he was catching bugs this morning. I think he was inspired by SpongeBob's jelly fish catching. We had to dispose of the "bugs" outside.
I filmed Meaghan for one of my projects that is due tomorrow. Jack wanted to direct but his idea of directing involved putting his face in the camera lens and yelling.
Great snap shot of Doug and Garrett.
Meaghan and Jack played catch with a ball and measuring cups.
I love my dad's look on this next picture.
I wish I had the other half of the next picture. Jack had the ball and was spinning in circles saying, "I did it! I did it!" You can see the absolute joy on his face.
I like my new look - pigtails. I bet if I pinned them to the side of my head, I would look like Princess Leia.
The pigtails weren't doing anything for Jack. He wanted to make me more colorful with a marker.
Some are born with silver spoons in their mouths. For others, it takes a little longer.:)
Doug models pot holders.
Jack's beautiful coloring.
I hope everyone had a nice weekend. When's the next three day weekend? :)

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EE said...

Baby Jack and Griff need to get together soon. Griffin is a lego fiend!