Sunday, January 24, 2010

Conversations with Jack

During a discussion with Jack this morning, I tried to convey the importance of drinking milk. I told him that milk would help him grow up big and strong.

Me: "Milk will help you grow up to be a big boy."

Jack: "I no baby."


Me: "It helps momma be a big girl."

Jack: "You no big girl. You momma."

Later in the evening we were playing with playdoh. I asked Jack if I could try the chips we made.

Jack: "No," he said, reaching out in earnest to the chip in my hand. "It's pretend."

The sun was actually out today so we took a nice, short walk outside. (The wind was chilly.) Jack thinks he's a rock star these days. He was trying to avoid the camera.

Daddy with his big boy. Get along little doggie.

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