Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend in Review

A cross in our room is reflected in a pix, a container used to transport holy communion. I celebrate communion and a shorter version of mass with several elderly in our town.Flowers from Meaghan: the gesture was sweet, flowers for Mike and me.Good friends: Meaghan and JackBest friends: mom and meThe Statue of Jack LibertyMy sister-in-law received a bunch of beanie babies from her aunt. She is donating them to the St. Louis Children's Hospital where Garrett goes for his check-ups. JeNae let us have a dog that Jack selected. (I really thought he was going to choose a cow.) And I chose a ladybug for Maggie Rose. Thanks JeNae!Ugh! What happened to Baby Roo's body?? (Cue the screaming!)

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