Friday, May 29, 2009

Expiring Prints

Who knew that fingerprints expire in 15 months? It's like Marty McFly disappearing in Back to the Future.

Anyway, we're getting to be pros at this adoption paperwork. This is the third time I've mailed paperwork asking to be fingerprinted for our China adoption. We hope to receive an appointment next month to be refingerprinted in a big city. This will be our third time. Although it's a slight inconvenience, taking a half day or more off from work, it's also expensive requiring an updated home study and the outrageous charge to have these digits retaken in less than five minutes.

So, here we go again. If we receive Maggie's referral in less than 15 months, maybe we won't have to do this again. Yeah, right.

I'm on the slow boat to China, slugging to a shore that's still one to two years out of reach. Someone, throw me a life preserver.

1 comment:

EE said...

i'll do your fingerprinting for you... for a small fee;)
Hang in there!!!!