Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ode to a Snotty Nose

Oh Snotty Nose
You really blow.
For the past several days,
My head's been foggy, dazed.

My lips are chapped
My energy tapped.
When will you dry?
I think I might cry.
Seriously, I've been blowing this snout for several days. These are some deep thoughts that have entertained me as I've pillaged tissue boxes:
  • Where in the world is all this stuff stored?
  • Can you blow your brains out through your nose?
  • My upper lip looks razor burned. (My boss says I look like I've been kissing a bearded man. I say, "That sounds better than a bearded lady.")
  • Red and chapped lips are money savers - who needs lipstick?
  • Blowing my nose snd = puppy squeak toy snd.
  • Does your head swell when you have a sinus infection? If so, do I look smarter when I'm sick?

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