Sunday, February 17, 2008

What a view!

I wanted to share more pictures of Mexico. Also, I keep forgetting to bring my pictures with me when I go home, so I thought this might be a way of escaping some heat if I forget again.

The top picture is a view looking out from a bar at the hotel. The hotel didn't disappoint, looking just like it did on-line.

You can practice your Spanish with this picture. This must have been a high-end preschool. My friend Alice and I peered inside while walking by one day and the children were wearing uniforms. I wonder what a nice preschool costs in Mexcio.

This scene reminded me of what Mexico is "supposed" to look like.

The party boat. You may be able to see me partially behind a pole on the right side. I mustered enough strength to pose for the picture before latching back on to the side of the boat.

And this is me, the ultimate party animal. I look like I'm at Chevy's but we're at a nice, yes, I said nice restaurant called "The Trailer Park." It's so popular, the restaurant is a chain. There are two in Los Cabos. They are even more popular in the United States. :)

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