Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Mexican Excursion

Check out this one. Doesn't it crack you up?

"We are taking care of ME for you." Of course, ME was the abbreviation of the hotel, but it's still pretty funny. I look quite natural at a resort, don't I?

The resort was beautiful although slightly geared towards the younger, partying crowd. One of the valuable lessons I learned during this trip is that I apparently do not have sea legs and I can never become rich because doing so would imply the necessity of buying a yacht. Well, I would only see the side of the yacht. That's how I spent the majority of a group outing to see the whales. Although some on the trip thought they spotted a spout in the distance, I was too busy spotting the ocean below me. I became sick twice. On the upside, I did my part to save the whales by, er, feeding them.

In the end, I spent way too much on souveniers and returned almost as pale as when I arrived. My knees were a little tan but that was about it.

One of my most exciting adventures...I did manage to wrestle my hand away from this wooden alligator. Phew! That was a close one.

I finally have a stamp in my passport! Adios!

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EE said...

I love the picture of you next to the "ME" look like a model!
Glad that alligator didn't get your hand!