Monday, June 4, 2012

Oh, God, My Acne's Back and other reasons I wish I was till pregnant

I had a wonderful pregnancy. Sure, there were a couple of things that happened during those 9.5 months that were a little unnerving but all-in-all, I was very lucky.

Here are the reasons I wish I was still pregnant...

1. The return of acne. So soon we meet again.
2. Having a belly like Santa's that "shook when he laughed like a bowl of jelly."
3. The dark parenthesis (stretch marks) on my belly.
4. A nice place to rest my arms.
5. Weekly ultrasounds
6. The excitement of not knowing when baby Matthew would arrive.
7. And the number one reason - feeling my son move within me.

And here are the reasons I'm glad that I'm not pregnant...

1. Hourly trips to the bathroom. (I feel like I have a guy's bladder now in comparison to what I experienced during pregnancy.)
2. The unnerving things that occurred during pregnancy
3. The delivery pain
4. The cervix check - oweechie.
5. The ability to walk up hills and take stairs faster than a turtle. 6. And the number one reason: baby Matthew in my life.

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