Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend in Review

I took off early on Friday to pick up Jack and enjoy the somewhat beautiful weather. With a 40 hour job where I work more than my slotted hours, I usually have comp time at the end of the week. Well, this time I used it. Jack and I went to the park and tried the swings and then found the piece de resistance - the slide! The only bad thing about going down a slide is trudging back up the stairs to do it again. I felt stair mastered at the end.Jack is thinking, "Enough pictures. I want to slide!"

We saw Grandpa and Grandma today. As always, mom made a homemade meal of unicorn magnets and a sheet of Bible cake??No, but mom did have a pot on the table and when she opened it up she discovered a unicorn magnet inside. Instead, we feasted on baked chicken, dumplings and mixed vegetables.

By the way, using the restroom at home is never a private affair. If Jack is playing with one of his cousins, I try to keep the door somewhat open just so he can find me and not cry. Well, soon, you have Miss Meaghan and Mr. Garrett and it's a potty party! We had a couple of those today.

I visited Pixie's gravesite today. We have a kitty cat cemetery back home. That's where my precious cats were buried when I was a kid. My cat, Precious, is also buried there. She died when I was in college. My parents were kind enough to pick up Pixie on the day she died and give her a proper buriel.

We had a good day today, but I can't wait for Easter! It's hard to believe that's only 7 days away. Last year, it was a little cold for Easter egg hunting and Jack was still a little too young to enjoy it. But this year, I hope it's a balmy 70 degrees! And I sure hope the Easter Bunny shows up.

Some more pictures from today...Garrett upside down! Too bad I chopped off JeNae's head.Jack and Garrett consult on the best ways to stack chairs.A tired mommy and Jack ready to go home and hit the hay.

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EE said...

I remember those years of having an audience in the bathroom. Now, I have no shame... they're constantly telling me to "shut the door" and "eww, we don't need to see that".
Cute pictures!!!