Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend in Review

We had a wonderful weekend with Baby Jack. We watched our town's Fall Festival parade on Saturday morning and scored some candy. Whoo hoo! It will be a sad day when Jack realizes the sugar value of candy and refuses to give any to his parents.Jack received his first hair cut on Saturday. Carrie did a great job. Jack looks a little more grown up now. As Mike would say, my baby's not such a baby anymore.Like mother, like son. Virtual twins. Do you think my hair tin scared Jack?Prepping for surgery feels like preparing for one's own funeral. Remove all your jewelry, take off nail polish, shave your legs (okay, so I added the last one). Today's diet consisted of two cans of chicken broth. I was relieved that my meals were 99% fat free. Ha. I am starving and looking forward to a real meal tomorrow afternoon.


Amy said...

I'll be thinking about you.

EE said...

Good luck!
How come Baby Jack didn't get highlights???