Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The things kids say

My puppy, Molly, loves my three-year-old niece. I've asked Meaghan to take care of Molly when my husband and I are in China. Today, she told her maternal grandparents that she was traveling to China with us so she could take care of Molly. When her grandparents asked if she knew how far China was, Meaghan replied "no." When she was told that the country was far, far way, Meaghan replied, "I'll just take care of Molly here." If you knew my niece and could hear her voice and picture her mannerism, you would crack up at her insistance that she was going to China and then her eventual decision to stay put. Considering her love for Disney princesses and their "far, far away stories," I'm surprised Meaghan changed her mind.

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EE said...

Since Meaghan's decided not to go, can I go in her place????